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London Heathrow Airport is situated in Hillingdon, West London. The airport is approximately 30 minutes’ drive from Central London and has good transportation links being close to the M25 and M4 Motorways.

Private Air Charters are available to and from London Heathrow Airport, and with its easy access to Central London and major motorways it is a great choice for private flights in and out of the area.

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London Heathrow Airport History

Heathrow Airport was originally known as Great West Aerodrome, a small airfield built in 1929.

The development of this small airfield into the Heathrow we know today began in 1944, with the aim of using the airfield for long-distance military aircraft during World War II. However, by the time the airport was almost complete, the war had ended, and the airport continued to develop as a civil airport.

Today, Heathrow Airport has over 90 airlines flying to 170 destinations acrossthe globe, and is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom.

Landing at London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport Location

London Heathrow Airport is situated in Hillingdon, West London. There are two fixed based operators at Heathrow which are Signature Flight Support and Dnata Private Aviation Services, which are situated on the south side of the airport next to Terminal 4 and able to support all VIP and private aviation flights.

London Heathrow Airport Facts

Lat: 47° 47' 36.00" N
Long: 13° 00' 16.00" E
Elevation: 83ft (25m)
Runway length available: 3900m (12800ft)

Heathrow (LHR) is not frequently used by private jets.

The majority of PrivateFly's private jet flights to Heathrow are for passengers connecting with an airline. However, even if you are connecting with an airline out of Heathrow it is often better to use other London private jet airports with a ground transfer.

Reasons to Avoid Heathrow in a private Jet

All aircraft flying into Heathrow, including private jets are frequently asked to hold for 30 minutes prior to landing
Heathrow has 2 runways, after landing on the Northern runway it can take 30 mins to taxi to the private jet facility
Flying on a private jet into Heathrow can make your total journey time over 1hr longer

What private jet airports are better than Heathrow?

Royal Air Force Northolt
Average holding time: Nil
Average taxi time: 2 minutes
Driving time to Heathrow: 15 minutes
Flights RAF Northolt on a private jet

Average holding time: Nil
Average taxi time: 3 minutes
Driving time to Heathrow: 30 minutes
Flights to Farnborough by private jet

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Private Jet Charter Prices - London Heathrow Airport

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