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Leicester Airport is also known as Royal Air Force (RAF) Leicester East. The airport serves the Leicester andEast Midlands area of the UK.

Today, the aerodrome is the base for Leicestershire Aeroclub. The flying club offers training for a private pilot license at its aerodrome premises.

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The aerodrome was established in 1942 as RAF Leicester East.

Due to its proximity to the village of Stoughton it was also known as Stoughton Aerodrome.

The aerodrome has served on several occasions as landing site to the royal family. In 1958 Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, flew into RAF Leicester East. Before the event the Leicester City Council was encouraged to overhaul the main runway.

The Leicestershire Aeroclub was established at the aerodrome in 1967, and the flying school has continued to offer Private Pilots Licence training.

The aerodrome itself was renamed as Leicester Airport in 1974.


Leicester Airport is located on the outskirts of the city, near Stoughton and the National Forest of England.

The aerodrome is easy to access by car and 6.2 miles away from the city centre.


Airport Codes: EGNT / NCL
Latitude: 52°36'28"N
Longitude: 1°01'55"W
Elevation: 469 feet

The airfield has 5 runways, of which the longest is paved with and a distance of 940 meter (3 084 feet). There are 3 asphalt and 2 grass runways in total.

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