Belfast Aldergrove Intl Airport

Overview summary

Belfast Aldergrove Intl Airport is the busiest Airport in Northern Ireland, and lies a convenient 25 minute drive away from Belfast city centre. The Airport’s advantages include: round the clock opening hours, a location that avoids adverse weather conditions, and two long runways.

Alongside commercial involvement, the Airport boasts two private jet FBOs to indulge private aviation travel.

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The Airport began life in 1917, serving the RAF during the First World War. Due to its long runway, the Airport also had heavy involvement during the Second World War, and commonly accommodated large and long range aircraft.

As a testament to the Airport’s rich aviation heritage, the Airport hosted Concorde during its final farewell tour, in 2003.

Airforce One, and world leaders were among guests of the Airport, when in 2013, it was host to the G8 conference.

Landing at Belfast Aldergrove Intl Airport:


Belfast Aldergrove Intl Airport is situated 13.2 miles Northwest of Belfast centre. Direct motorway links make the centre a comfortable 25 minute drive away. Close proximity to Lough Neagh- Ireland’s largest lake- makes this the ideal destination for exploring the unspoilt Irish scenery.

Opening hours:
The Airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round
Airport codes: EGAA / BFS
Latitude: 54°39′27″N
Longitude: 006°12′57″W
Elevation: 268ft
Runway 1- Direction: 07/25 Length: 2780m (9121ft)
Runway 2- Direction: 17/35 Length: 1891m (6204ft)

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