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Anglesey airport, or RAF Valley as it is also known, is a joint military/civilian airport in the Isle of Anglesey. It is owned by the Isle of Anglesey County Council; however the land is leased from the Ministry of Defence.

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The airport resides on the grounds of RAF Valley, a Royal Air Force Station that provides fast jet training using the BAE Hawk. The airport is also home to C Flight of 22 Sqn, who operates Sea King helicopters in a search and rescue role.

In 2007, the National Assembly for Wales announced that commercial civilian flights could operate from the airport, connecting Anglesey with the rest of the world. A new terminal was built at a cost of £1 million through a publicly funded building project. This one storey terminal has the capacity to handle up to ten flights per day.

The airport is also available for charter flights, offering an excellent chance to explore the expansive and relatively untouched Welsh countryside.

Landing at Anglesey Airport


Anglesey airport is located at Llanfair yn Neubwll on the Isle of Anglesey in North West Wales. This area of Wales used to be fairly inaccessible without a long car journey, however the opening of the airport to civilian flights now means this region is easily accessible with just a 40m minute flight time from Cardiff.

Anglesey Airport Facts

Latitude: 53°14'53"N
Longitude: 4°32'07"W
Elevation: 37 ft (11 m)
Runways: 3, Longest: 7513 × 151 ft (2290 × 46 m), paved

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